NHBF self employed & black economy survey. Take part!

The NHBF has been invited to the Treasury to talk to government policy officials about self-employment and also the black economy.

The NHBF says

We hear a lot from Members who employ their staff about the difficulties they face competing with salons who have self-employed people working in them. The differences in costs and flexibility have advantages and disadvantages.”

“The Conservatives and other political parties have announced that they want to improve the rights of people working in the ‘gig’ economy and will clamp down on ‘bogus’ self-employment. Potentially, this could affect the future of self-employment in our industry.”

“We need to be confident we are representing your views ahead of these meetings, so please take 10 minutes to fill in this survey before Wednesday 5 February 2020.”

Salonfrog completed the survey and urge you to complete it as well, so that the NHBF can go armed with all the facts to Downing Street:


  • Posted on January 9th, 2020 in General

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