Day one employment rights – will affect Salon and Barbershop owners

The employment rights regulations that bring in the 52-week reference period for annual leave calculations (read more here) will also bring into force a ‘day-one right’ to written particulars of employment.

What are the Employment Particulars?

An employer must give employees a ‘written statement of employment particulars’ if their employment contract lasts at least a month or more. This is a different document to the employee’s standard employment contract, although it will include the main conditions of employment.

The regulations give a requirement to include:

  • How long a job is expected to last, or the end date of a fixed-term contract
  • How much notice an employer and worker are required to give to terminate the agreement
  • Whether a worker is eligible for sick leave and pay
  • Other types of paid leave eg maternity leave and paternity leave – whether the worker is eligible and where to find more details on the employer’s policy
  • The duration and conditions of any probationary period
  • All remuneration – not just pay but contributions in cash or kind eg vouchers and lunch
  • Additional mandatory contents to be required in a written statement
  • Which specific days and times workers are required to work

Points to note

Currently, the written statement of particulars of employment is required to be provided to employees within two months of the employment start date for employees who have worked for more than one month.

From 6 April 2020, the written statement of particulars will be extended to all workers, which will now include those sometimes referred to as ‘Limb B’ workers, for example workers in the gig economy.

This has no bearing on self employed room/chair renters since they.

Go here for more information on the written statement of employment particulars.

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