Barberdog - a tailored service for barbershop owners

Barbershop owners asked for a specific service for them; and we now offer these 4 barbershop packages.

However, if you don’t think any quite fit your needs, we can simply tailor a package you want from our full menu of services (which are shown below).

We also have a number of bolt-on services as and when you need them.


125 + vat per Month
  • For Barbershops who just need the basic requirements fullfilled.
  • Payroll & Contractor Processing for up to 5 employees/ contractors
  • Annual business Accounts and Tax Return
  • Personal Tax Return for 1 owner
  • Annual review of business & tax advice


349 + vat per Month
  • Everything you need for your business:
  • -Our Core Service for Business (book-keeping through to accounts & tax return)
  • -Business tax advice
  • -Payroll & Contractor Processing up to 25 employees/ contractors
  • -MTD VAT reporting
  • -Profit Extraction Strategy for 1 or 2 Owners
  • -Personal Tax Return for 1 or 2 Owners
  • *** Full details below ***


399 + vat per Month
  • Everything you need for your business + your personal tax:
  • -Our Core Service for Business (book-keeping through to accounts & tax return)
  • -Business tax advice
  • -Payroll & Contractor Processing up to 25 employees/ contractors
  • -MTD VAT reporting
  • -Profit Extraction Strategy for 1 or 2 Owners
  • -Personal Tax Return for 1 or 2 Owners
  • *** Full details below ***


649+ per Month
  • When you want us to take on much more of the Financial Control of your Barbershop
  • -Everything included in the Barbershop Business or Barbershop Business +
  • -Plus anything else you need us to look after
  • -You decide

Our fixed fee covers you for all the services included in your Package.

You pay the fixed monthly fee by direct debit - which works great for our Clients’ cash flows!

And remember, our fee is an allowable expense for tax - so you can reclaim the VAT and enjoy 19% corporation tax relief on it as well!

Full details of what's included in our Packages:

Our Core Service for Business

Designed exclusively for Barbershop owners, our Core Service for Business covers all the fundamental requirements you need, and all of our Clients have this.

In a nutshell, this means a heavy load of things off your hands, ensuring you comply with HMRC and Companies House, being your trusted advisor and ensuring you remain in control of your business. In more detail:

  • Book-keeping

    You scan your bills using our App, and we do the rest!

  • Performance Pack

    See how your Salon is performing.

  • Year-end Company Accounts

    We prepare and submit these for you.

  • Year-end Corporation Tax return

    We prepare and submit this for you.

  • Companies House Annual Compliance reporting

    We prepare and submit these for you – and pay their fee!

  • Includes your Xero subscription (we are Xero Certified Advisors)

    We set up your Xero. We’ll then show you how to use it, setting up a dashboard to show the information you want to see, show you how to easily raise invoices to your contractors by email, and how to access your monthly reports. Ongoing advice and training on Xero is included.

  • Advice & Support (whenever you need it)

    We're happy to talk when it suits you. Not just Monday-Friday, 9-5. Phone, Email, WhatsApp, Skype

  • Your HMRC Agent (we talk to HMRC so you don’t have to)

    The first thing we’ll do is get you to authorise us as your HMRC Agent, so we can talk to them on your behalf. We can then start checking your position regarding tax, VAT and payroll and help sort out any admin or issues they have.

  • Salon Business advice

    As a Salon Owner, you often don’t have anyone to discuss your salon business with who really understands your issues and who is unbiased with their advice.

    We talk to Salon Owners all the time and see what works and what doesn’t.

  • Business Tax Advice & Planning

    We provide tax and planning advice to Salon Owners all the time. Each one of our Clients is in a unique position, so we tailor our planning specifically to each one; revisiting it regularly to ensure it’s still the best approach as circumstances change.

Payroll Processing

Covers all your payroll admin. We'll tell you how much you need to pay each time, to who, and by when.

  • Calculation of PAYE, NI and pension deductions

  • Calculation of other amounts (sick pay SSP, maternity, holiday etc)

  • A payslip issued to each employee

  • Each employee has access to their own Portal, where they can see all their payslips, P60's etc - so you're freed up from this admin task!

  • From their portal, they can also request time off for you to authorise, which is then used in the payroll process

  • Submit your employees 'hours worked', holidays' etc either direct from your POS system, the Xero App, or via our online timesheet

  • Submission of information to HMRC each month (RTI),

  • Accounting for the costs

  • All year-end requirements such as PIID, P60, P45.

Contractor Processing

Where a Salon uses Contractors (renting chairs, space or rooms to them), this bolt-on includes all the additional accounting & advice involved:

  • Additional monthly bookkeeping

  • Additional monthly accounting

  • We help you set up an efficient invoicing process to your Contractors (so that you can prepare and email directly to them)

  • Maintenance of your accounting system and reporting to handle Contractors

  • Regular advice on HMRC compliance and keeping you up-to-date on any changes

MTD VAT Reporting

Production and submission of your VAT returns, plus any VAT advice you need – ensuring you’re fully MTD for VAT compliant.

You’ll always know how much you owe HMRC at any time.
If you are owed amounts, we'll also ask HMRC to refund you directly.

  • VAT returns and advice - MTD compliant

  • Additional monthly bookkeeping

  • Additional monthly accounting

  • Preparation of your VAT return each quarter and submission to HMRC, answering any questions they may have.

  • Ensuring you are “Making Tax Digital” for VAT ready!

Profit Extraction Strategy

Ensuring that you extract profits from your business as tax-efficiently as possible. This personal tax strategy will continually be revisited to ensure it is always the most effective.

  • Personal tax planning strategy (incl. profit extraction strategy)

  • Salary and dividend advice

  • Directors Loans

  • Pension contributions

Personal Tax Return

We’ll prepare and submit your income tax return for you; then tell you how much tax you owe, when to pay it, and how to pay.

  • Self-Assessment Income Tax return

  • Your HMRC Agent for personal tax

We have many other services we also provide. Just ask!

These are a selection of additional services we can offer for a fixed fee.

Popular examples include:

  • Pension Reporting | Monthly
  • Moving your business from a Partnership to a Ltd Co.
  • Moving to a contractor (chair renter) model
  • Room rental VAT detailed review and planning
  • General reconfiguration of your business structure
  • Automatic enrolment for pensions
  • Advanced Management Reporting
  • One off projects
  • Virtual Finance Controller
  • Virtual Finance Director
  • And many more...
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