You are the Owner of a Spa

ALL of our Clients are in the hair & beauty industry too!

And they are based all over the UK.

We work with nail bar Owners day in and day out, so we understand the amount you have on your plate:

  • Staff issues
  • Chair renters
  • Cost control
  • Pricing decisions
  • The list goes on...

Our Clients love what we do because:

  • we take a load of things off their hands,
    and off their minds,
  • we provide them with great advice,
  • save them money,
  • and keep them in control.

Many of our Clients already had an accountant

  • but felt they weren’t getting value for money
  • or their accountant didn’t understand the hair & beauty industry
  • or just wasn’t pro-actively helping them
  • They soon see the difference when they move to us!

Moving to us is easy

  • We talk to your old accountant for you
  • getting all the information we need from them
  • so you can continue seamlessly
  • Our on-boarding process is slick
    and we’ll have you up and running really quickly!

Welcome to Salonfrog

we are your accountant


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