Why Won’t My Clients Rebook | Adam Chatterley

Salonfrog thinks this podcast is great!

And we have seen that the more successful salons are doing this already. It’s just a process that’s in place for them; and why we also recommend you keep an eye on your rebooking and pre booking KPI’s!

It definitely worth a listen and we’ve made a few points from it to show you why:

  • The absolute key is the lifetime value of clients rather than what they just spent on their last visit
  • Are you spending too much of your time chasing new clients rather than on the ones you already have?
  • Why do clients not rebook after a service?
  • A rebooking rate of 30% is too low!
  • What’s the difference between rebooking and pre booking and why both are important.
  • Have a process in place, as standard, to turn that ‘one visit’ client to a ‘repeat visit’ in the same way that you have a process for getting a new client in, in the first place. Ensure all staff know and follow this process!
  • The cost of getting new clients is much more expensive than increasing visits/spend of existing ones
  • You should be in charge of your salon’s future time – not your Clients – so you can resource and even take time off yourself rather than waiting until a week or two before to see how it’s going
  • Help your clients rebook at the right time for their hair type and they’ll appreciate it
  • What the perception of a fuller booking book (i.e. a busy salon) has on both your staff and your clients. And your potential prices!
  • When a client asks are you busy? Ensure your staff always answer yes.
  • Cancellations are likely to go down!

As Adam says, your Salon should be asking every Client this question, every time:

“Shall we get you booked in for next tine so you can get your preferred day and time.“

Here’s the link:

BBP 080 : Why Won’t My Clients Rebook?


  • Posted on February 12th, 2020 in General

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