Paying staff earlier than usual at Christmas? Different reporting rules may apply.

Many salons, barbershops and spas pay their employees earlier than usual over the Christmas period.

If this is the case, you should still report your normal (or contractual) payday as the payment date on your PAYE RTI return to HMRC (the full payment submission (FPS)) and ensure that the FPS is submitted on or before this date.

For example: if you pay on Friday 20 December 2019 but your normal/contractual payment date is Tuesday 31 December 2019, you should report the payment date on the FPS as 31 December and ensure the submission is sent on or before 31 December.

Doing this will help to protect your employees’ eligibility for Universal Credit, as reporting the payday as the payment date may affect current and future entitlements.

Salonfrog Clients who use our payroll service need not worry about this, as we do this for them anyway!

  • Posted on October 18th, 2019 in Payroll

Payroll | there’s a lot to do

As an employer, you have many responsibilities.

  • Have employment insurance
  • Operate a PAYE system (also called RTI)
  • Ensure you’re paying above the minimums
    (the National Minimum Wage, or National Living Wage (if over the age of 25), and apprentices must be paid the correct apprenticeship rate).
  • Calculate any deductions (such as PAYE, NIC, Student Loans, payroll giving)
  • Ensure you’re operating a pension scheme (when required under automatic enrolment laws)
  • Calculate any statutory payments (such as maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental pay)
  • Issue pay slips (there’s a legal requirement for what these need to include)
  • Register new employees with HMRC
  • Issue P45 forms when employees leave
  • Issue annual P60 forms to employees

We ensure all this is done with our payroll bolt-on service.

Contact us for any advice!


  • Posted on July 20th, 2019 in Payroll

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