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Corona Virus | statutory sick pay SSP

Published on 2nd March 2020

In preparation for salon and spa staff taking time off for the corona virus, we revisit the rules around statutory sick pay SSP. It’s in
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Get your ducks in a row. April 5th is fast approaching!

Published on 26th February 2020

With the income tax year 2019-20 ending on the 5th April, now’s the time to ensure you’ve been canny with your tax planning. Each owner’s
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Your staff are likely to pay the wrong tax in April 2020

Published on 24th February 2020

HMRC has advised that: because income tax thresholds and rates will now not be finalised until March, tax codes for 2020/21 will have to be
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What to do when a stylist resigns | 11 practical steps

Published on 21st February 2020

It happens. For whatever reason. And here’s a checklist of what you need to do as soon as it does: Part 1. Financial Control &
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Why Won’t My Clients Rebook | Adam Chatterley

Published on 12th February 2020

Salonfrog thinks this podcast is great! And we have seen that the more successful salons are doing this already. It’s just a process that’s in
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Student Loans – make sure you tell your accountant!

Published on 10th February 2020

If you or your staff have a student loan – it is very important to let your accountant and payroll company know! Fines are out
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Electric Car – a most tax efficient company car – for more than one reason

Published on 7th February 2020

The way in which company car benefits are calculated is changing from April 2020. There will be two parallel car benefit tables for cars registered
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NI limits and thresholds announced for 2020/21

Published on 4th February 2020

NIC limits and thresholds for 2020/21 have been announced and draft regulations have been put to Parliament. When passed, they come into effect from 6
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Admit and commit

Published on 29th January 2020

January has wizzed by and like most salon and barbershop owners you’ve been looking forwards to the year ahead. Maybe you’ve already reset your budget
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HMRC impose fines for submitting your tax return late. We look at how they can quickly stack up.

Published on 20th January 2020

You should submit your self assessment tax return on time and pay any amounts due by the deadline of 31st January each year. If not,
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